Legendary Castles of the Palatinate

The Coat of Arms of Rhineland-Palatinate

The Pfalz, or Palatinate, is a wonderfully beautiful land of high green mountains and lush valleys, very similar to the American Appalachians except for the many huge and bizarre deep red colored rock outcroppings and spires (called Felsen) protruding from their summits. The Pfalz is situated in the west/southwest of Germany bordering on France. It is known to have been settled as early as the beginning of the 5th century and because of it's location has been at the center of frontier struggles reaching back to the Roman empire. Throughout the rich Palatinate lands are to be found many perseverant standing castles and ruins testifying to the richness of it's history. They preserve the romantic memories and tales of the Knights, Ladies, Lords, and Hierophants who ruled, lived in, and strove over them along the centuries leading to the present, a visible reminder of the many remarkable events that transpired and the various interesting memorable personages that shaped them.

 In these pages I've put together both a photographic and historically introspective look at some of these magnificent constructions and their stories with the help of the best photography from many other Castle enthusiasts and visitors. The histories were obtained by having personally been to many of the displayed castles and listening to their stories first hand, as well as translating and extracting them from various German historical and folk records. These events are portrayed as accurately as possible, but if any inconsistencies are noticed it would please me for them to be brought to my attention.

I sincerely hope you enjoy tripping back to ages past, and that you learn something from the colorful history on the way.

- Keith Laney