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Anomalous Herald News / Re: WWIII ?
« Last post by goshawks on Today at 12:30:40 PM »
Thoughtful, long article:
Rogue Networks Behind Wars Usurped Sovereignty
4th Generation Wars and Oligarchical Anarchy.
4th generation warfare was developed on the basis of the perceived need to end the cold-war stalemate that had made head-on military confrontations between superpowers or alliances impossible. The foundation was laid by think-tanks around Zbigniev Brzezinski and the establishment of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan during the 1980s. The first actual 4th generation war was that directed against Yugoslavia.

From Yugoslavia to Ukraine.
It is a well-established and documented fact that the internal conflict in Yugoslavia was manufactured by an alliance of Slovenian, Croatian separatists with ties to WWII German National Socialism. National Socialism has also been entrenched in the political system of the USA, its military-industrial complex, and post-WWII civilian and military intelligence services in the USA and NATO.
The war in Ukraine has been planned by rogue networks for years. The war in Ukraine was modeled over the same blueprint as that against Yugoslavia. The ally of choice were Ukrainian ultra-nationalists with direct links to WWII Nazi organizations. The function is to sabotage the peaceful integration of the Russian and European market economies and to preserve the US/UK dominated hegemony in Europe.
(my bolding)

To me, the last line above seems to be getting down to the actual 'hidden' reason for the seeming-senselessness of the situation... :hmm2:
12 Site Discussion / Re: Where is Atlantis?
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What Caused The Unexplained Change
In Europeans' DNA 4000-5000 Years Ago?
Scientists Say The Genetic Turnover Remains A Mystery

Tell us about it... / Re: Anybody wish to fight?
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Atlas golfed.
14 Site Discussion / Re: Where is Atlantis?
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Oregon's Ancient Mound Builders - part 1
Anomalous Herald News / Re: WWIII ?
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Monsanto and Ukraine
August 27, 2014
Finally, a little-known aspect of the crisis in Ukraine is receiving some international attention.  On July 28, the California-based Oakland Institute released a report revealing that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), under terms of their $17 billion loan to Ukraine, would open that country to genetically-modified (GM) crops and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture.  The report is entitled “Walking on the West Side: the World Bank and the IMF in the Ukraine Conflict.” [1]

In late 2013, the then president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, rejected a European Union association agreement tied to the $17 billion IMF loan, whose terms are only now being revealed.  Instead, Yanukovych chose a Russian aid package worth $15 billion plus a discount on Russian natural gas.  His decision was a major factor in the ensuing deadly protests that led to his ouster from office in February 2014 and the ongoing crisis.

According to the Oakland Institute, “Whereas Ukraine does not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, Article 404 of the EU agreement, which relates to agriculture, includes a clause that has generally gone unnoticed:  it indicates, among other things, that both parties will cooperate to extend the use of biotechnologies.  There is no doubt that this provision meets the expectations of the agribusiness industry.  As observed by Michael Cox, research director at the investment bank Piper Jaffray, ‘Ukraine and, to a wider extent, Eastern Europe, are among the most promising growth markets for farm-equipment giant Deere, as well as seed producers Monsanto and DuPont’.” [2]

Ukrainian law bars farmers from growing GM crops.  Long considered “the bread basket of Europe,” Ukraine’s rich black soil is ideal for growing grains, and in 2012 Ukrainian farmers harvested more than 20 million tonnes of corn.

Monsanto’s Investment

In May 2013, Monsanto announced plans to invest $140 million in a non-GMO corn seed plant in Ukraine, with Monsanto Ukraine spokesman Vitally Fechuk confirming that ‘We will be working with conventional seeds only” because “in Ukraine only conventional seeds are allowed for production and importation.” [3]

But by November 2013, six large Ukrainian agriculture associations had prepared draft amendments to the law, pushing for “creating, testing, transportation and use of GMOs regarding the legalization of GM seeds.” [4] The president of the Ukrainian Grain Association, Volodymyr Klymenko, told a Nov. 5 press conference in Kiev that “We could mull over this issue for a long time, but we, jointly with the [agricultural] associations, have signed two letters to change the law on biosecurity, in which we proposed the legalization of the use of GM seeds, which had been tested in the United States for a long time, for our producers.” (Actually, GM seeds and GMOs have never undergone independent, long-term testing in the U.S.)

The agricultural associations’ draft amendments coincided with the terms of the EU association agreement and IMF/World Bank loan.

The website – which tracks GMO news worldwide – immediately slammed the agricultural associations’ proposal, with director Henry Rowlands stating: “Ukraine agriculture will be seriously damaged if the Ukrainian government legally allows GM seeds in the country.  Their farmers will find their export markets reduced due to consumers’ anti-GMO sentiments both in Russia and the EU.”  Rowlands said that Monsanto’s investment in Ukraine “could rise to $300 million within several years.  Does Ukrainian agriculture want to totally rely on the success or failure of one U.S.-based company?” [5]

On December 13, 2013, Monsanto’s Jesus Madrazo, Vice President of Corporate Engagement, told the U.S.-Ukraine Conference in Washington, D.C. that the company sees “the importance of creating a favorable environment [in Ukraine] that encourages innovation and fosters the continued development of agriculture.  Ukraine has the opportunity to further develop the potential of conventional crops, which is where we are currently concentrating our efforts.  We also hope that at some point biotechnology is a tool that will be available to Ukrainian farmers in the future.” [6]

Just a few days before Madrazo’s remarks in Washington, Monsanto Ukraine had launched its “social development” program for the country, called “Grain Basket of the Future.” [7] It provides grants to rural villagers so they can (in Monsanto’s words) “start feeling that they can improve their situation themselves as opposed to waiting for a handout.”

Actually, the real “handout” is the one going to Big U.S. Agribusiness through the terms of the IMF/World Bank loan, which besides opening the country to GM crops, will also further lift the ban on the sale of Ukraine’s rich agricultural lands to the private sector. [8]

As Morgan Williams, president and CEO of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, told International Business Times in March, “Ukraine’s agriculture could be a real gold mine.” [9] But he added that there are “many aspects of the [Ukraine] business climate that need to be changed.  The major item would center around getting the government out of business…”

The WikiLeaks Cables

In August 2011, WikiLeaks released U.S. diplomatic cables showing that the U.S. State Department has been lobbying worldwide for Monsanto and other biotechnology corporations like DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer and Dow.  The U.S. non-profit Food & Water Watch, after combing through five years of these cables (2005-2009), released its report entitled “Biotech Ambassadors: How the U.S. State Department Promotes the Seed Industry’s Global Agenda” on May 14, 2013. [10]  The report showed the U.S. State Department has “lobbied foreign governments to adopt pro-agricultural biotechnology policies and laws, operated a rigorous  public relations campaign to improve the image of biotechnology, and challenged commonsense biotechnology safeguards and rules – even including opposing laws requiring the labeling of genetically-engineered (GE) foods.”

According to (March 16, 2014), Morgan Williams is at the nexus of Big Ag’s alliance with U.S. foreign policy.” [11] Besides being president and CEO of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, Williams is Director of Government Affairs at private equity firm SigmaBleyzer, which touts Williams’ work with “various agencies of the U.S. government, members of Congress, congressional committees, the Embassy of Ukraine to the U.S., international financial institutions, think tanks and other organizations on U.S.-Ukraine business, trade, investment and economic development issues.”

The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council’s 16-member Executive Committee is packed with U.S. agribusiness companies, including representatives from Monsanto, John Deere, DuPont Pioneer, Eli Lilly, and Cargill. [12] The Council’s twenty “senior Advisors” include James Greene (Former Head of NATO Liason Office Ukraine); Ariel Cohen (Senior Research Fellow for The Heritage Foundation); Leonid Kozachenko (President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation); six former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine, and the former ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S., Oleh Shamshur.

Shamshur is now a senior advisor to PBN Hill + Knowlton Strategies – a unit of PR giant Hill + Knowlton Strategies (H+K).  H + K is a subsidiary of the gargantuan London-based WPP Group, which owns some dozen big PR firms, including Burson-Marsteller (a long-time Monsanto advisor).

Hill + Knowlton Strategies

On April 15, 2014 Toronto’s The Globe & Mail newspaper published an op-ed piece by H+K assistant consultant Olga Radchenko, [13] The piece railed against Russian President Vladimir Putin and “Mr. Putin’s PR machine” and stated that “Last month [March 2014 - a month after the coup], a group of Kiev-based PR professionals formed the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, a voluntary operation aimed at helping to communicate Ukraine’s image and manage its messaging on the global stage.”

The PBN Hill + Knowlton Strategies website states that the company’s CEO Myron Wasylyk is “a Board member of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council,” and the company’s Managing Director/Ukraine, Oksana Monastyrska, “leads the firm’s work for Monsanto.”  Monastyrska also formerly worked for the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

According to the Oakland Institute, the terms of the World Bank/IMF loan to Ukraine have already led to “an increase in foreign investment, which is likely to result in further expansion of large-scale acquisitions of agricultural land by foreign companies and further corporatization of agriculture in the country.” [14]

Meanwhile, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated in April:  “We don’t have a goal of developing GM products here or to import them.  We can feed ourselves with normal, common, not genetically modified products.  If the Americans like to eat such products, let them eat them.  We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.” [15]

Hill + Knowlton, with its Kuwait “incubator babies atrocities” falsehood, was instrumental in getting the American public to back the first Gulf War on Iraq in the early 1990s.  Now the company is involved in fomenting a Cold War 2 or worse, and on behalf of Monsanto – recently voted the “most evil” corporation on the planet.  That’s something to recall in the midst of the extensive mainstream media demonizing of Putin.

Joyce Nelson is an award-winning Canadian freelance writer/researcher and the author of five books, including Sultans of Sleaze: PR & the Media.   


Anomalous Herald News / Re: WWIII ?
« Last post by Wook on Today at 09:46:03 AM »
Russian and Ukrainian leaders have concluded their first official face-to-face meeting in Minsk during which they discussed Ukraine's Association Agreement with EU and the crisis and humanitarian disaster in the east of the country.

Russia will do everything to facilitate a peace process in Ukraine, President Putin told the press following the 2-hour talks, which he described as “positive.”

However, Russia did not and had never set forth conditions for settling Ukraine’s internal conflict, Putin added, so a ceasefire agreement was not discussed during the talks in the absence of peace suggestions from Ukrainian leadership.

“We, Russia, cannot talk about any ceasefire conditions whatsoever, or possible agreements between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk,” Putin stated.

“We can only facilitate the creation of an environment of trust in the course of this possible and much needed, in my opinion, negotiation process. This is what we talked about,” Putin added.

In the meantime a contact group on the implementation of Ukraine's Association Agreement with the EU must resume its work as soon as possible to formulate final conditions for the free trade zone, Putin said.

“Not all of our arguments are accepted by our colleagues, but at least we were heard and we have agreed to intensify the exchange of views, and try to find some solutions,” Putin said, adding that in the absence of a final agreement Russia will have to “take measures” to protect its economy. The sides have also agreed that a resumption of gas and energy talks is urgently needed, the Russian president said.
Tell us about it... / Re: Anybody wish to fight?
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Anomalous Herald News / Re: WWIII ?
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A letter sent by a prominent Dutch Professor to Russian president Vladimir Putin has attracted much media attention in Europe.  The letter was written by Professor Cees Hamelink and signed by dozens of Dutch intellectuals and professors. Below is the letter in its entirety.


Dear Mr. President Putin,

Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country.

We are powerless onlookers, as we witness how the Western Nations, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else. We reject the double standards that are used for Russia and the West. In our societies, sufficient evidence is required for a conviction. The way you and your Nation are convicted for 'crimes' without evidence, is ruthless and despicable.

You have saved us from a conflict in Syria that could have escalated into a World War. The mass killing of innocent Syrian civilians through gassing by ‘Al-­?Qaeda’ terrorists, trained and armed by the US and paid for by Saudi Arabia, was blamed on Assad. In doing so, the West hoped public opinion would turn against Assad, paving the way for an attack on Syria.

Not long after this, Western forces have built up, trained and armed an ‘opposition’ in the Ukraine, to prepare a coup against the legitimate Government in Kiev. The putschists taking over were quickly recognized by Western Governments. They were provided with loans from our tax money to prop their new Government up.

The people of the Crimea did not agree with this and showed this with peaceful demonstrations. Anonymous snipers and violence by Ukrainian troops turned these demonstrations into demands for independence from Kiev. Whether you support these separatist movements is immaterial, considering the blatant Imperialism of the West.

Russia is wrongly accused, without evidence or investigation, of delivering the weapons systems that allegedly brought down MH17. For this reason Western Governments claim they have a right to economically pressure Russia.

We, awake citizens of the West, who see the lies and machinations of our Governments, wish to offer you our apologies for what is done in our name.
It’s unfortunately true, that our media have lost all independence and are just mouthpieces for the Powers that Be. Because of this, Western people tend to have a warped view of reality and are unable to hold their politicians to account.

Our hopes are focused on your wisdom. We want Peace. We see that Western Governments do not serve the people but are working towards a New World Order. The destruction of sovereign nations and the killing of millions of innocent people is, seemingly, a price worth paying for them, to achieve this goal.

We, the people of the Netherlands, want Peace and Justice, also for and with Russia.
We hope to make clear that the Dutch Government speaks for itself only. We pray our efforts will help to diffuse the rising tensions between our Nations.


Professor Cees Hamelink
Hidden Mission Review / Re: FINALLY proof of LIFE on MARS
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Or Panspermia.
Anomalous Herald News / Re: WWIII ?
« Last post by Vianova on Today at 12:46:26 AM »
this linked article from Wook:
Why Washington’s War on Terror Failed

But U.S., Western European, Saudi, and Arab Gulf policy
is to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad,
which happens to be the policy of ISIS and other jihadis in Syria.

If Assad goes, then ISIS will be the beneficiary,
since it is either defeating or absorbing the rest of the Syrian armed opposition.

quite true, that is why ----> if you go into Syria and klusterfuck a few hundred bunker busters
don't stop there,
you take it all the way into Damascus and finish the job once and for all,
bother to bomb at all, because you are only servicing Assad.

Stay in Iraq with air support if necessary, but that needs scrutiny as well.
Don't forget, if Turkey gets drawn in {being so close to ISIS advances},
then it becomes a possible NATO event.
So US airstrikes in northern Iraq do help alleviate that kind of scenario.

wook says
ISIS is in Iraq and holding mucho ground in Iraq and killing people for public comsumption
but Der Homeland is going to target Airstrikes in Syria

Obama is doing the right thing in forcing the Baghdad government to stand up for itself.
That forces Iraqi's to be the "troops on the ground".
However, that does not exclude troops on the ground in northern Iraq/ Syria if shit and mayhem happen.

Inevitably air strikes in northern Iraq benefit southern Iraq.
The Iraqi's themselves have to save their own asses.
That is unlikely or at least unfeasible ... or maybe impossible,
as the Sunni contingent not allied with al-Bad-Daddy
will now not cooperate in the government due to the mosque slayings by Shiite extremists.

tough shit, then the Iraqi's will die, or wave black flags, or beat feet to Iran,
the AyaGhoulah in Iran can send in his orcs and goblins as "troops on the ground"

which comes to this:
There is a pretense in Washington and elsewhere
that there exists a “moderate” Syrian opposition being helped
by the U.S., Qatar, Turkey, and the Saudis.
It is, however, weak and getting more so by the day.
Soon the new caliphate
may stretch from the Iranian border
to the Mediterranean

and the only force that can possibly stop this from happening is the Syrian army.

There is one huge glaring problem with this statement of contradictions.
I highlighted that in bold print.
The Syrian army
isn't shit
or shinola
compared to the Iranian army, or the Israeli air force.
This statement by the author Cockburn, is clowntime pennytalk in Jerusalem and Tehran.

None the less, his basic premise of the war on terror failing is correct in many of his assertations.

And that is why,
if you go into Syria with air power,
you take it all the way to Damascus,
or let the Iranians cat and mouse with ISIS in southern Iraq.

ISIS does not have enough troops, it just has battle hunger tenacity to jihad a new territorial empire.
The "threat" is real but extremely over blown by western propaganda.

note the two articles

here is the supposed map by ISIS, note the new name for Iran  :rofl:

but then
we see
the reality
"It's an old image put out by fans of the group,"
says Aaron Zelin, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy
who also maintains a blog,,
that analyzes primary source material produced by Islamist movements.

"There is nothing official about it nor is there some alleged 5-year plan."
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