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Tell us about it... / Re: WWII Then and now
« Last post by Wook on March 29, 2015, 08:40:13 AM »

The last of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers of World War II has died. Chester Nez, died this morning of kidney failure at the age of 93. Give him a LIKE to honor his extraordinary service and legacy

Tell us about it... / Re: Next President of the United Fates of America
« Last post by Wook on March 29, 2015, 08:25:17 AM »
Anomalous Herald News / Re: Swine Flu and Pig Poo Flu Hysteria
« Last post by Vianova on March 29, 2015, 01:38:11 AM »

Better keep your zipper up when out partying in Scott County Indiana ...

I never could understand why a junkie would ... share a needle ...  :gard:

One fellow I knew way back when ... in the way back then of life,
told me that he had Hep-C flare-ups.
I asked him,
how did you get Hep-C,
did you ever share a needle?

He squirmed and finally admitted that only once in his life,
had he shared a needle with a GF while popping H.
He refused to believe that one time stupid move of his,
was how he contracted his Hep-C.

He said that one possibility that nobody considers,
was the passing around of straws --- 100$ dollar bills,
a trendy way to snort coke in the 70's,
within a group of people,
from nose... 
to cocaine bloodied nose.
ie, all that coke did give people slight nose bleeds now-n-then.


when you think about it ... it's almost like ...
sharing a used condom in group sex :rofl:

none the less, it's sex drugs and rock-n-roll in Indiana,
pain killers in fashion.
Indiana is declaring a public health emergency in one county due to an epidemic of HIV.
Gov. Mike Pence issued the order Thursday for Scott County,
which has 79 confirmed cases of HIV since mid-December.

The county averages about five new cases a year.

All the cases in the current outbreak are linked to injection drug use,
primarily of the prescription opioid opana.

... prescription ... opana ... ? ... a pain killer ...

Officials expect the number of infections to rise,
and are working to contact as many as 100 other people
linked to those with confirmed cases.

Tell us about it... / Re: Terror threat in Europe - Germanwings ?
« Last post by Vianova on March 29, 2015, 01:15:33 AM »
Alemos says:
Your mood swings are becoming an embarrassment.

that is Goshawks bullshit game, you must be his new bitch.
Whining pantomine is what you do and are, Alemos.

Second, get back on your meds ...

Best hash in the USA right here in Bellingham :reefer:
I bet you use Prozac anal suppositories
5 times a day :whip: :whip: :whip: :whip: :whip:


If you are so embarrassed Alemos,
go slither back into your dark sociopathic hole and pout while you abuse yourself,
with your prozac suppositories,
and cry us up a gallons of tears in puddles,
and maybe someone will toss you a hanky.


All prior questions just directed to Alemos were benign and straight forward,
with minimal or no aggression from what I just reviewed of what I wrote.

I invite everyone here to review what I posted prior in my questions to Alemos.
There was nothing but straight up enough questions,
with no derisive commentary to consider as abrasive to illicit that response.

There were no mood swings,
that is clear Alemos,
as you try to manufacture endless horseshit :horsepoop: in this forum as usual.

And that is the everyday motus operandi that you employ here in this forum.
Your overall purpose here at HM :whip:
is denigrate the forum content slowly but surely,
from endless garbage images of Mars with your convoluted nonsense analysis
of metal in everything and everywhere,
to being the twisted snake you are playing right now.

But now there is a mood swing :smoke:
Fuck off and die,
you are a really sick puppy, and common snake in the grass.

just having fun, bitch!


alemos link ---> dated to the 25th :whip:
"According to crash investigator the European Air Safety Agency (EASA),
the problem related to the Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321
 – including the Airbus A320 involved in yesterday’s tragedy."

That still has absolutely nothing to do with how this tragedy unfolded.

from the link
EASA warned that if the probes malfunction
the flight control computers order a continuous ---> nose down <--- pitch rate 

a Lufthansa A320 aircraft that occurred late last year
when a sister plane to the one that crashed yesterday
plunged 3000ft out of control.

Plunging 3000 feet out of control :whip:
is the "nose down" pitch rate they are alluding to.

Plunging 3000 feet out of control,
is not the "controlled descent" of Germanwings flight 9525,
unless you are Blind Lemon Johnson :whip:
The descent of the Germanwings flight in no way resembles this kind of occurrence.
Even if the joy stick got stuck somehow into a "controlled descent",
{set at 100 feet as stated on the international news},
then the co-pilot had no reason to refuse the pilot entry,
if the problem was a malfunction,
and the copilot would have the radio contact to the airport on that immediate problem.

from the March 25 dated link again:

:bricks: investigators will be focusing :whip:
on a near disaster
involving a Lufthansa A320 aircraft
... when a sister plane to the one that crashed yesterday
plunged 3000ft out of control.


That news link dated on the 25th, the day after the event
This is old bullshit news that very quickly changed,
and investigators "focused" very briefly,
on the "blocked probes"  :whistle:
and many other possibilities the ---> day after the crash<---
and obviously
quickly tossed this theory into the trash can,
as the investigators currently are not pursuing,
or are going to pursue this venue of explaining the disaster.

that leaves you Alemos,
as the only idiot that still thinks that those probes might have caused the crash.

Tell us about it... / Re: Next President of the United Fates of America
« Last post by Wook on March 28, 2015, 08:40:50 PM »
Eric Zuesse
RINF Alternative News

Hillary Clinton’s unannounced campaign for the U.S. Presidency has already failed. Her arrogance (or else stupidity) in having wiped clean the hard drive of the private server she had used for her emails while she was the U.S. Secretary of State adds insult to the injury already done to her incipient campaign by the earlier revelation that she had evaded the State Department’s record-keeping system and had used her private server for all of her State Department emails and not only for her personal emails. (The NYT had headlined March 2nd: “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules.”)

CNN, early Saturday morning, March 28th, bannered the big follow-up, “Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server,” and reported that, “Hillary Clinton permanently deleted all the emails on the private server she used to do official business as secretary of state.” Ms. Clinton immediately responded to reporters’ questions by saying that nothing of importance to, or concerning, her State Department business, was on that server, and that she had recently sent to the investigator who is looking into this matter “roughly 30,000 emails” that related to State Department business. However, the public, and prosecutors, will now not be able to see the other emails (which she says were approximately 32,000), because she then had that server wiped clean. She says she had had this done because “no one wants their personal emails made public.”

In other words: the public would just have to trust her assertion that nothing related to government business was in those “personal emails.”

Private letters from Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other American leaders, are published in books; but Hillary Clinton does not think that the American public should ever have access to hers. Today’s emails are like paper-and-ink letters in that bygone era; but she has, in effect, burned them. Historians won’t get to see them; neither will the public.

Even the earlier revelation had caused her ratio of unfavorable-to-favorable ratings in polls to soar.

On March 19th, Reuters headlined, “Many Democrats want independent Clinton email probe: Reuters/Ipsos poll,” and reported: “Support for Clinton’s candidacy has dropped about 15 percentage points since mid-February among Democrats, with as few as 45 percent saying they would support her in the last week.”

In the CBS News poll, taken March 21-24, Hillary’s Favorable rating was 26%, Not Favorable was 37%; this had last been polled by CBS on September 12-16 of 2008: 51% Favorable, 35% Unfavorable. Her Favorable is down from 51% to 26%, almost half, since then. The latest Gallup poll on that question was March 2-4 (this year): 50% Favorable, 39% Unfavorable. Assuming comparability of the Gallup and the CBS polls, her figures went from 50% Favorable and 39% Unfavorable just as the first news of this email scandal broke, down to 26% Favorable and 37% Unfavorable just before the latest revelation — the revelation that she had wiped her server clean — and it’s likely to go even lower now, after that second blow.

Wall Street has banked on Hillary’s becoming President. Her husband gave them what they wanted (the end of the Glass-Steagall Act); and during the past year she has been collecting millions of dollars in ‘speaking fees’ for meeting with them in private.

According to all accounts of the collections by her nascent campaign organization, money has been flowing into it by the millions.

And Wall Street is already panicking at the news-reports of her email scandal.

On Friday March 27th, Britain’s Guardian headlined, “Elizabeth Warren: Banks Could Halt Donations in Protest at Senator’s Plans,” and reported that, “Big Wall Street banks are so upset with Elizabeth Warren’s call for them to be broken up that some have discussed withholding campaign donations to Senate Democrats in symbolic protest, sources familiar with the discussions said. Representatives from Citigroup, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America have met to discuss ways to urge Democrats, including Warren and Ohio senator Sherrod Brown, to soften their party’s tone toward Wall Street, sources familiar with the discussions said this week.”

On 19 April 2014, the Guardian had headlined “Wall Street deregulation pushed by Clinton advisers, documents reveal” and reported that, “Throughout the documents, which are among 7,000 pages released by the Clinton library on Friday, there is little discussion of internal opposition to repealing Glass-Steagall,” which was the FDR law, passed in response to the 1929 economic crash, that (up till 2000) blocked banks from ever again gambling with depositors’ money and from their leaving the Federal Government holding the bag (bank “bailouts”) when such bank-gambles produce losses, as occurred again in 2008. Senator Warren wants to reinstate those protections for depositors and taxpayers, and the megabanks are terrified against that possibility.

Naturally, then, on 21 May 2014, Mother Jones bannered, “Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Circuit Payday: $5 Million (and Counting),” and listed some of the companies that were forking over $200,000 apiece to have private sessions with her (’speaking fees’) while she was “considering” to gear up for a Presidential campaign: Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, the Carlyle Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, the National Association of Realtors, etc. Her donors’ list is rich; and it’s all ‘private,’ perhaps just like the emails that she destroyed.

The only Democrats who will be voting for Hillary Clinton are the ones who are satisfied for Wall Street to own Main Street.

And Republicans will vote against her because she’s not nominally “Republican.”

End of story. End of Presidential chance. (But, likely, not end of Presidential campaign. More likely, just the start for other Democrats to enter the race.)
Tell us about it... / Re: Terror threat in Europe - Germanwings ?
« Last post by Wook on March 28, 2015, 08:34:29 PM »

Tell us about it... / Re: Terror threat in Europe - Germanwings ?
« Last post by alemos on March 28, 2015, 07:41:26 PM »

Well Vic,

First KMFA.

Second, get back on your meds or see your shrink.

Your mood swings are becoming an embarrassment.

The media solving the situation was sarcasm.

IMO, jumping on the Co-pilot as the cause so soon in the investigation
based upon very few facts to support such, is more than premature.

There is nothing one can say about the "demeanor of the co pilot as the plane descended" other than he was breathing in what appeared to be a normal cycle.

No one can tell whether he was conscious or not based upon the current auditory cue on tape. Or if he was under extreme stress and suffering from stressed induced hypoxia. Maybe he was working a flight problem. Or maybe he had a medical problem that impacted his ability to operate the aircraft. None of those situations can be ascertained from the single auditory data of how he may/or may not have been breathing

This aircraft has had problems in the past. That's a fact, not opinion.

Personally, a 320 pilot indicating a possible cause AND citing an AD that had been issued for this particular aircraft carries more weight than a French Prosecutor listening to a tape and jumping to conclusions.

One of the more recent problems has been possible blocked AOA probes on this aircraft.

Same link:

"Whilst the answer to this question won't be fully known until the black box recordings are evaluated, crash investigators will be focusing on a near disaster involving a Lufthansa A320 aircraft that occurred late last year when a sister plane to the one that crashed yesterday plunged 3000ft out of control.

The incident that was caused by the blocking of two critical sensors –Angle of Attack Probes- was the subject of urgent advice to airlines across the globe.

In that incident the pilots managed to regain control of the A321 which had 109 passengers aboard."

"According to crash investigator the European Air Safety Agency (EASA), the problem related to the Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321 – including the Airbus A320 involved in yesterday’s tragedy."

Vic says..."That has nothing to do with A320 Germanwings flight" Read AND comprehend dude.

Can't be more plain than this problem may involve.....  "including the Airbus A320 involved in yesterday’s tragedy".

Bottom line is that, at this point, very few facts are available.

No definitive conclusions can be made without additional data, as from the Flight data recorder or ACARS (if equipped), which might show precisely what the Copilot actually did in comparison to what the aircraft's onboard computer system did without human intervention.

remote control purposeful crashing of the jet by French air force jets escorting the Germanwings jet" sounds like a quantum leap without any data to support.

Just having fun. :dance2:


Tell us about it... / Re: Starting up a new local chapter of Ducks Unlimited
« Last post by Fsbirdhouse on March 28, 2015, 06:01:37 PM »
Blackrock and son Colter just left the house after assembling 8 (Only seven in picture?) new Wood Duck nesting boxes.

It was another good day, wind not withstanding!

Blackrock echoed my sentiments exactly when stating he'd like to see them at every turn, on every creek and river in E Idaho, and well beyond. He means to finance, and build another 50.

He and son are very excited to know they can make a big difference in the Wood Duck population, and now  the word is really starting to get out in our area, and the scouts are stepping up, as well as many hunters contacting me to see what they can do to help. Some more just today!
Tell us about it... / Re: Next President of the United Fates of America
« Last post by Wook on March 28, 2015, 04:13:26 PM »

Tell us about it... / Re: Next President of the United Fates of America
« Last post by Vianova on March 28, 2015, 03:38:27 PM »

Hillary media word content control  :bricks: :whip: 

So I went and looked for Hillary Clown images.
There are less out of those there than Putin clown images!  :rofl:
aside from Mr. Jingles Meets Hillary the Clown,
this one wasn't bad

this one is precious but I couldn't find the larger image


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