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  •  Given the large amount of Odyssey Vis images being returned, it would seem a shame to not use them to attempt and get some detailed color surface pictures of our other favorite planet out of it's decent 20mpp resolution.

    •  Though the process is far from certain in accuracy, and much of the data is unfit to make clean images out of, the results when compared to color images thus far received from our other various probes and the Hubble would seem to affirm that we're at least close, and that this imaging system can produce very nice results. Odyssey's vis camera is not actually a "true color" imaging system, though not far enough out to be non-adjustable. We must continue waiting for further probes that are equipped with actual dedicated visual color imaging systems.

      • Until then, let's enjoy some approximations. Click thumbs for larger versions



















A blast from the past from Viking!

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