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 What a wonderful instrument the marvelous Spirit's Pancam is! Ultra sensitive and high resolution color visual bands direct from the surface of Mars, and better yet, this set of clear eyes rolls! You can say it's going to see it all. or at least all it can.

 On this page I will be displaying certain color combined images (as they are made available) made from the complete and accurate set of left-eye visual bands. Though the data and bands used seem a bit complicated to make a coherent color image with at first glance, in earnest it's fairly easy given the quality of the data and the known values of the visual data. The results I think are quite spectacular, and give us good insight into what it would look like to be standing in Gusev.

Later I'll go into exactly how these images were combined with the data, but suffice it to say now, only acceptable common color imaging practices were involved using the proper band combinations

Now let's see what happens when we apply some basic color process to various surface images.

click thumbs for full images

This is what I call the CSI pan.


Now let's put those last few together

The Columbia Pan

 Though not absolutely color perfect they are very close, and most importantly seem to have a relatively clear light blue sky where it is visible. We've all seen the ruddy red images that have been officially proffered as representing true color on Mars surface.  I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind the "red fixation", and I'd be suspicious of these big earthy colors myself... However the process is uniform and color theory sound. The image of the grind spot on Adirondack below has been color enhanced for detail


Now let's look at some awesome custom color close ups from right around Spirit..



What happened to Spirit? Well, whatever it was it seems she's all better, so we'll not continue to worry too much, click the image below for the REAL story..

All kidding aside, great job MER team, for bringing our Spirit back to us.

Now let's see some of the latest images.. The next row were made from bands 4,5, and 7


Various band images, mostly 4,5,6. The redder examples are normally the 4,5,7's. 














I left this closer in repeat view of the Columbia hills un-field corrected so that the rim of Gusev can be seen in the background. Marvelous view.

Now We're on Top!

False color of Home Plate

Home Plate Panorama

Now let's look back at Columbia

Blue skies, and in undeniable true color

Interesting rocks in absolutely as true as it gets color from PanCam

If you'd like to see Spirit's sister Opportunity, presently operating in Meridiani, go here

Opportunity Color Images

If you would like to know how to get color results from the Spirit raw images, read the article linked below.

Spirit Color Images - Calibration

More to come...

Keith Laney Productions™ © 2002-2012

All custom imagery use restricted without permission. All rights reserved


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